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Power Transmission Chain & Chain Sprockets

Power Transmission Chain & Chain Sprockets

Power transmission chain and chain sprockets are used to transmit mechanical power from one rotating shaft to another. A chain drive consists of at least two sprockets and a roller chain that interlocks with the sprocket teeth. Chain sprockets with more teeth carry heavier loads but they produce more friction, which reduces operating speeds.

Chains are made in different materials considering resistant, corrosion to support multiple applications as:

  • Automotive
  • Food Processing (proofer chain, oven chain, etc.).
  • Metal Processing (accumulator chain and metal pin transfer chain).
  • Sugar Mill (Roller Conveyor Plain Chain, Main Cane Carrier Chain, Bagasse Carrier and Chain Harvester Chain).
  • Material Handling (Carbon chain, Stacker Reclaimer Chain, Standard Roller and Conveyor Chain).
  • Forest & Paper (Timber breaker and Chain Wall Board Chain).
  • Mining (Feeder Breaker Chain and Tram Chain).
  • Cement Mill (Cement Plant Bucket and Elevator Chain).
  • Oil & Gas (corrosion resistant chain, Coiled tubing injector chain and Power tong chain).